Praia da Vitória

Climb through lava rocks and jump into the ocean, right in the middle of the Atlantic. We do snorkeling on every Coasteering trips. Please note: This Activity is Weather Dependent.

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Wetsuit 5mm; Life vest; Snorkeling mask; Safety gear; Water; Guides; Pictures; Insurance
Pickup / Drop off not included. Payment through Paypal or VISA includes 3% TAX.
The cancellation within 48 hours prior the trip will not result on any refund. PLEASE NOTE: This Activity is Weather Dependent.

Coasteering consists of exploring the coast, rocks and sea, by hiking, swimming, and jumping into the ocean.  
On Terceira Island, there are two perfect spots to practice this activity.
The water is crystal clear and the temperatures get close to 70ºF in the summer. 
In these perfect spots, you can experience marine life and explore some of the many sea caves that Terceira has to offer.
Coasteering must be performed with specific gear and under the supervision of experienced guides.