254  It is possible to discover adventure tourism in the Azores from your mobile phone. The "Azores Adventures" application was launched on    Friday to Play Store and Google will also come soon to the App Store from Apple.
 Through a free download you can find ways to enjoy the nature of the Azores, Corvo to the Third (the application just does not reach the eastern group).
 From mountain biking to hiking trails, passing through wine tourism and the whale whatching up to dive, several experiments are available in the  application.
 According to Samuel Valente, from the company that developed the app after downloading the "Azores Adventures" the user can search by activity,  appearing then a map with the islands where it is available.
 After choosing the island, you will find various companies that offer this activity and are available various information about each one, since the services  they provide, package tours, prices, contacts and schedules.
 Altogether, there are currently 26 activities available in the application, which is a partnership between associations and local development GRATER  Adeliaçor.
 The tool for smartphones and tablets can be consulted in five languages​​: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German.