1. Registration and Payment

1.1 The registration shall be deemed accepted upon delivery or sending of the registration form properly filled in and signed or purchased from our website booking system.
1.2 All entries must include full name, email address, phone number, date of birth, height, weight, and shoes size of the person registered.
1.3 Payment may be issued as follows:
1.3.1 Cash, in euros.
1.3.2 Our online booking system at www.ropeadventures.pt – Paypal account or VISA card needed.
1.4 If payment is made by bank transfer, the customer must present proof of payment slip.
1.5 Payments must be made until 48 hours prior to the activity.

2. Prices

2.1 All prices shown include VAT at the current legal rate.
2.2 Prices shall be amended whenever occurring variations in costs of services or other factors unrelated to the company.
2.3 All price changes will be announced with 30 days notice on the company website Rope Adventures or the official Facebook page.
2.4 The registration fee includes:
2.4.1 All necessary equipment
2.4.2 Professional guides.
2.4.3 Insurance
2.4.4 Pictures & Videos

3. Insurance

3.1 All activities are covered by Personal Accident Insurance and civil liability.

4. Customer Rights and Responsibilities

4.1 For the normal course of the activity the client must comply with the scheduled times previously set.
4.2 The client is responsible for providing personal information that may somehow constraint the performance of any act or endanger the health of other practitioners.
4.3 The client must follow the environmental and legal advice given by the activity guide.
4.4 The customer will not be refunded if you arrive late to an activity or for unforeseen reasons and unrelated activities have to cease earlier.

5. Amendments

5.1 In order to ensure safety for the activity, Rope Adventures is allowed to alter the timetable, location, and equipment, within 24 hours before it starts.

6. Cancellations and refunds

6.1 Withdrawal by the customer is allowed up until 48 hours prior to the trip to receive reimbursement up to 100%.
6.2 If the customer is not present at the scheduled time for the activity or don't show up for the tour, you shall not be entitled to reimbursement in any amount.
(Except rare exceptions: serious illness, physical handicap or other similar).

7. Impossibility of performance

7.1 If, for some reason, the client can´t comply with the stipulations or the activities have to be canceled or postponed, clients may opt for full reimbursement or choose another activity. In this case, a refund will be made if the chosen activity is of lower value or additional payment if the activity chosen is of higher value.
7.2 If not meeting the minimum number of participants indicated for each activity, it will be possible:
7.2.1 Maintain the activity with lower numbers of participants stipulated by the payment of a supplement;
7.2.2 Cancel the activity, up to a maximum period of 24 hours prior, reimbursing the client of all money paid, without any kind of responsibility for this cancellation.

8. Limitation of liability

8.1 The Rope Adventures is not responsible for injury or damage resulting from activities related to transport, consumption of alcohol and drugs, imprisonment or kidnapping, terrorism, adequacy of medical care when provided.
8.2 The Rope Adventures is not responsible for injuries caused by third parties during any activity.
8.3 The Rope Adventures is not responsible for physical or moral harm or unprofessionalism and inefficiency by Public Entities and/or their employees or other companies which are part of any business and/or event organized by the Rope Adventures.

9. Image rights

9.1 Any image captured during our activities, can be used by the company without charge and without paying the client, in illustration of promotional material and advertising such as catalogs, slides, posters, videos, and internet. Any image will be placed in order to safeguard as much as possible the dignity of the client.

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